Legalization of Documents by Thai Consular Office

Services and Fees

Some documents which will used abroad or with Thai government agencies require legalization by the Consular Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to the use of such documents.

The legalization stamp means an authority has signed and affixed a seal in order to authenticate official documents, certify a translation as correct, or to certify legal documents or contracts made by individuals. Click here to see the sample of the seal.

Our office can handle this for you in order to save you time and worry.

Legalization Fee (per document/stamp) by Consular Office

Certified genuine signature 200 Baht
Certified true copy of document issued by Thai authorities200 Baht
Certified true copy of civil and family registration document 200 Baht
Certified translation of judicial document 200 baht per 100 words or part thereof
Certified other documents (documents previously certified by other Thai authorities) 200 Baht

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