Principals of Thai Law

  1. Any person may, in contemplation of death, make a declaration by will concerning disposition as to his property or other matters which shall take effect, according to law, after his death.
  2. This article contains sample only of a commonly used Non-Holograph will (a will signed and witnessed). It should be stressed that the sample form is a simplified version, which is intended to be used in ordinary cases. Therefore, it is best to understand your particular needs and alter or add specific clauses you consider to be sufficient and suitable to your own situation.
  3. A Non-Holograph will must be made in writing, dated at the time of making and signed by the testator before at least two witnesses, present at the same time, who shall then and there sign their names certifying the signature of the testator.

    No erasure, addition or other alteration in such a will is valid unless made in the same form as prescribed in the abovementioned paragraph.

Sample Will Complies With Thai Law