How to Obtain a House Number

When a house is completed the owner must apply for a house number within 15 days of the completion date. After the registrar receives the application and supporting documents, the registrar will inspect the construction and issue or confirm the house number within 30 days.

Documents That Need to be Submitted

  1. Application for House Code (Tor. Ror. 900). An application must be completed and a house number designated by the village headman where the house being built. The application is submitted to the district or tessaban office along with a copy of the government ID card of the village headman. If the area has no village headman then the house number will be assigned by the district registrar.
  2. Copy of the Thai national ID Card and house book of the owner.
  3. Copy of the Land Title Deed and letter of consent if there is more than one name on land title deed.
  4. If you build a house on other person’s land, you must have a letter of consent by the land owner.
  5. A copy of the building permit or a letter from the village headman certifying the existence of the house. Click here to see a sample building permit.
  6. Photos of the house.
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House Book (Tabien Baan)